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We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has helped us and supported us through this mad cap adventure of ours. A special thanks needs to be extended to Andrew and Pennie Keech; Sandra and Michael McCann ; Adriano Truscott and Tom Hoole for making the first part of our journey so interesting; Alec Khramov, Svetlana and Aleco at IMS Holdings; Galia and Martia of Porga in St Petersburg; the Russian mechanic team at TransChlelyauto in Chelyabinsk ; Alexei, Sascha and the Off Road Club in Yekatrinaberg; Marat in Almaty, Kazakstan and the garage mechanics in Lanzhou, China; Roger of ED&F Man; Kevin of Land Rover in Singapore and Richard the Assistant Superintendent of Singapore Police; Harry Brust of M.R. Automotive for mechanical support in Brisbane, Australia; Jenny and Jim Grenenger in Sydney; Dr B.G. Al and Sarah Draffan in Melbourne; the Land Rover Owners Club of Victoria; Ellie Basket of Land Rover Monthly; to Robert Pepper with Overlander magazine in Australia; Sandra and Javier of Dakar Motos in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Annette and John in San Rafael, Argentina; to Os Drummonds in Timoteo, Brasil. A big thank you to all the newspapers, tv companies and magazines for all the media coverage we have received during our trip. Without you all we wouldn't still be on the road exploring!






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