The Beastly Adventure


An adventure requires some that are brave (or stupid enough) to undertake the trip, we are those ADVENTURERS!

We are two young professionals that want to take a year or three out from our normal hectic schedule of selling sugar and saving the world to journey across the our planet and see different cultures, extreme places and go to some of the world's weirdest places. Here is a run down of our hopes and fears and the other adventurers that have joined us on our trip.

The Adventurers
Our mission
Vital Stats

Gregory McCann

Gregory McCann

Greg is a man with a mission. He is on a quest to conquer the world of food! When inerviewed by Cambridge Evening News he stated that "for him travelling is a food thing...". Greg wants to travel and enjoy the international foods and document the cuisines from the places that we travel to.

Greg is not looking forward to the security issues that will affect us everywhere we go as well as the bad hangovers that he will get as he rolls into his 30s.

Life is sweet for Greg (!) except when he has a hangover.

Job before: Sugar Manager

Nationality: British

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Alexis Keech

Alexis Keech

Alexis wants to explore the world from an environmental point of view. Alexis wanted to go travelling after one of her best mates almost died during a bad accident at work and she realised that there is more to life than work.... When interviewed by the Yorkshire Evening Post, Alexis stated that she is having "..a mid twenties crisis and freaking out at spending the rest of her life behind a desk..", so we are doing something about it!

Alexis was not looking forward to the Siberian and Chinese winter, with frostbite now under control the mountains of South America look like the next challenge! She is looking forward to the challenge of travelling...

Job before: Environmental Consultant

Nationality: British

Height: 2'3"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: 2

Weight: 2st 10lb



Adriano joined the Beastly Adventure from the UK to Australia.

Tom joined the Beastly Adventure from the start in the UK to Thailand.

Galia and Martia joined the Beastly Adventurers on part of their Russian exploration from Moscow to Yekatrinaburg (Russia).

Luba joined from Petropavlosk to Astana (Kazakhstan).

He Liang joined the Beastly Adventure from the Kazak border to the Laos border travelling 5,000km across China.

Jean Christophe joined us for the journey across the centre of Australia.

Sarah and Al joined us for our trip around Tasmania

Sarah and Gary joined us for the journey around the Argentine Lakes

Nif joined us for the journey down the Careterra Austral

Jason, Jackie, Trent, Nuno and Tatiana all jumped in the Beast for the drive across Bolivia.

Ross and Dave joined us for the drive from Bolivia to Peru



Adriano Truscott

Adriano Truscott

Adriano has just come back from teaching in Japan and is looking forward to working on his life project of helping people.

After being inspired by working with children in Japan he wants to work with children from other cultures around the world. He is looking forward to working with schools around the world and seeing what he can do to help them!

Adriano wants to learn the national dances of the countries as we travel through them. He would like to teach them to other nationalities as we travel!!

Job before: English Teacher in Japan

Nationality: British

Height: 5'10"


Eyes: Brown

Tom Hoole

Tom Hoole

Tom was going to Australia for a job early 2005 and is taking a slight detour and hopping on board for the ride from the UK to Singapore! Unfortunately he had to head off to Australia early leaving the Beast Crew in Thailand. He wants to experience as much out of life as possible before it is too late.

Tom was looking forward to smelling Greg's body odour and trying beers from around the world. He enjoyed both!

Tom was not looking forward to the security issues and having to appease the border guards by whatever means necessary!

Job before: Environmental Consultant

Nationality: British

Height: 79.3'

Hair: Brown/blonde/green

Eyes: Brown



Galia Filatova

Galia is the mother and owner of Purga and had the idea to celebrate New Year and Christmas every day.

Galia loves to laugh, loves wine and loves guys.

Galia was looking forward to improving her english and wanted to show the adventurers the real russia because she was born in the heart of the Urals.

Galia was looking was an "adventure for her arse" (a challenge and a change of scenery!), she certainly got one as she was tucked up in a roasty toasty manner in the back under 3 sleeping bags!

Job: Bar owner

Nationality: Russian

Height: 1.67m

Hair: Orange

Eyes: Kind


Martia Valuyeva

Martia is the "daughter" of Galia as she works in Purga as much as possible.

Martia enjoys learning and exploring new things. Maria loves to love and drink with Galia.

Martia was most looking forward to having a banya and a good party in Yekatrinaburg as well as speaking english and understanding the english culture.

Job: Barman

Nationality: Russian

Height: 1.70m

Hair: Russian

Eyes: Blue



Luba acted as our translator through Kazakhstan, enduring the cold Kazak Steppe in the back of the Beast..

Luba is currently studying english and working in Petropavlosk in the north of Kazakhstan

Job: Student

Nationality: Kazakh

Height: 1.65m

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

He Liang

He Liang

He Liang (Jimmy is his English name) was our guide across China. It is a requirement of the Chinese government that if you drive acoss China in your own vehicle you are accompanied by a tour guide and He Liang is a fantastic one with a lot of knowledge of China.

He started learning English at the age of 18 and has been an independent tour guide for several years and now works for the Xinjiang Tourist office. His webpage is and shows you the wide variety of tours that he does across China.

Job: Tour guide

Nationality: Chinese

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Jean Christophe de Mont Serrat

Jean Christophe de Mont Serrat

Jean Christophe joined us to cross Australia from the north to the south.

We travelled to the snowy mountains before we flew to Darwin and drove down through Alice Springs to Adelaide in the Petit Beast.


Job: Shipping Agent

Nationality: French

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green


Al and Sarah Draffan

Sarah and Alistair Draffan

Sarah and Al joined us for our trip around Tasmania where we spent Christmas and New Year 2005.

We visited Cradle Mountain, the scary village of Queenstown and spent New Year in Hobart.

Job: Human Resources Manager/Mad Scientist

Nationality: Australian/British (of the scottish persuasion)

Hair: Brown/A few

Eyes: Brown/Green

Sarah and Gary Walker

Sarah and Gary Walker

Sarah and Gary Walker took a year off from their banking jobs to travel around the world.

We met them in Valparaiso in Chile and followed them all the way down to Ushuaia. They hopped on board the Beast to join us for the drive from San Martin de los Andes to San Carlos de Bariloche before they headed south to catch their cruise to the Antarctic.

Job: Bankers

Nationality: British

Nif Minnick

Nif Minnick

Nif is presently cycling/hopping on buses around South America.

She joined us for the ferry trip from Quellon on Chiloe for a drive down the Careterra Austral in Chile before she got back on her bike and headed south.

Job before: GISer

Nationality: USA

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Jason Homewood

Jason is presently riding his motorbike around South America. We met Jason with his travelling partner Pete at the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Viedma, Argentina.

Jason hopped on board to allow Trent and Jackie to ride his bike whilst they were visiting. We drove with Jason, Pete, Nuno, Tatiana, Jackie and Trent from Cafayate, Argentina up to Potosi in Bolivia. We gave Jason a tow when his bike broke down on the Salar de Uyuni. Jason rides a KTM 950 Adventure.

Job before: Estate Agent

Nationality: British

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Jackie and Trent Whitta

Jackie and Trent joined Pete and Jason for a 5 week holiday whilst they were riding around South America. We drove with Jason, Pete, Nuno, Tatiana, Jackie and Trent from Cafayate, Argentina up to Potosi in Bolivia.

They jumped in the Beast when we hit the attorcious roads of Bolivia. Coincidentally we met Jackie and Trent when they were riding their bikes from the UK to New Zealand. We met them in Darwin when they were getting their motorbikes out of customs.

Job: Computer people

Nationality: New Zealanders


Nuno and Tatiana Leotte

Tatiana and Nuno are presently motorcycling around South America following Che Guevara's route around the continent.

We met Nuno and Tatiana when they were getting their bike out of customs and staying at Dakar Motos. Nuno jumped in when he suffered from altitude sickness. Tatiana jumped in the Beast when the roads of Bolivia got too rough to ride. We drove with Jason, Pete, Nuno, Tatiana, Jackie and Trent from Cafayate, Argentina up to Potosi in Bolivia. Nuno rides a Honda Africa Twin.

Jobs before: Hotel management and physical instructor

Nationality: Portuguese(maybe Russian) and Brasilian

Ross McKenzie

Ross McKenzie is backpacking around South America.

We met Ross first in Foz d'Iguacu in Brasil and then in Copacabana where he hopped a lift with us to Puno and Arequipa. We then met him again at the top of Machu Picchu.

Job before: Film Director's Personal Assistant

Nationality: British

Favourite occupation: climbing exceedingly big mountains

David Satherley

Dave has taken a year away from the post office to travel through Central and South America.

We met Dave in La Paz and he hopped a lift in the Beast from La Paz to Arequipa before his liver gave up and he had to head north to escape Greg's drinking habits.


Job before: Postman

Nationality: Canadian

Favourite thing: Chicha